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              KNICKKNACK(Plastic Parts Experts)
              KNICKKNACK(Gift Expert)
              I Bottle(Sports bottle expert)
              I Case(Phone cover to protect Expert)
              CLIMBER(Climbing hook Experts)
              NIKO(Hardware BUCKLE Expert)
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                 KNICKKNACk PLASTIC CO., LTD is a design-oriented manufacturers of plastic hardware accessories manufacturers and exporters, the main products are plastic accessories of handbags and luggage , soft and hard  phone protective cover, water bottle series .... Our products have obtained industrial license of QS in mainland.  Our view has always been the quality of life, reliable quality assurance and credit to ensure that our countries in the world handbag and luggage company to maintain long-term stable business relationship. We have a group of highly qualified, skilled and experienced engineers and technical staff and management, customer service around the clock to strict modern quality management system and production management system, advanced production equipment procurement to meet providers needs. Also constantly developing new, beautiful, functional products, so buyers have more choices. 

                Our Production Team, from technicians to the packing staff are well-trained and experienced. Our QC inspectors are dispersed into every part of the production process to make sure the products that we are manufacturing are up to international high standard and would meet our customers’ needs. 

                Knickknack company adhering to the of "quality, quantity, on time" principle, reasonable price, warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation!


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